You can come to Skyros island by coastal navigation via Kymi (Evia island). To Kymi you can arrive by car from Athens via Chalkida (178klm.) or via Oropos - Eretria (you have to take a boat) (128klm.). When you arrive to Kymi (pay attention to the signs - "To Port") you will embark to the ferry "Achilleas" and in one hour and forty five minutes you'll be arriving at the Port of Skyros "Linaria". The boat tickets are from the cheapest in Greece and rarely will there be delays or cancellations because the ship belongs to the Skyrian people. In summer there are often double trips per day on weekends. A coach bus leaves Athens Station in Athens to get immediately to the ferry.

Telephone for car ticket reservations in the ferry: +30 22220 22020

Telephone for coach bus in Athens: +30 210 831 7153

* * *

ATTENTION: Especially for the Convention a rented coach bus will leave Athens and come to the island for its whole duration.

The bus will start from a central point in Athens on Friday 28th of June in the morning, will make a stop in the railroad station of Inoi (for people coming by train from northern Greece) and will come to Kimi Port and Skyros with the boat trip of 14:00. It will leave Skyros on Monday 1st of July (boat trip 8:00am) and will make stops at Inoi and Athens again.

The cost for rented coach bus ticket (not for the boat) is:

  • Athens (or Inoi station) - Skyros (28th of June 2013): 15 / person
  • Skyros - Athens (or Inoi station) (1st of July 2013): 15 / person
  • Skyros trips (2 days of the Convention): 15 / person 10 / person
  • Athens (or Inoi station) - Skyros (28th of June 2013) AND Skyros - Athens (or Inoi station) (1st of July 2013): 25 / person

For the coach bus you have to reserve a seat with your registration or send us an email, if there are seats available.

* * *

You can also reach Skyros via airplane. In summer there are three flights a week from Athens airport by Aegean Airlines (Saturday morning, Sunday noon, Monday noon) and three flights per week from Thessaloniki Airport by Sky Express Lines (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday).