Greek Bookcrossing community

The Greek community is one of the most developed in BC. Counting a little less than 7500 members today, the Greeks are gradually learning how a book found on the street can be part of a global movement and a piece in a game, instead of a piece of trash or something someone forgot.

The by now numerous references in the media - both print and electronic - have helped to spread the idea. The growth of DSL connections in the country increases our connectivity with the world of the Internet, an indispensable element for Bookcrossing. And of course the many "traveling" books introduce the unsuspecting finder to the unique idea of Bookcrossing.

Greece has its own forum that you can find here. Our interaction is made easy, without the need to use English, which may discourage many. The Greek forum is a continuous channel of information on all activities that are exclusively Greek in character, and an online meeting point where we answer questions, receive updates, discuss issues, or disagree with our usual Greek temperament. In the forum, the Greek community displays more vitality than the corresponding ones abroad.

A very important part of the community, however, are the monthly meetings of old and new members. The main purpose is to have fun and to get together. We also share books and get to know and assist the new members, organize additional events or activities, and generally do anything not possible via the Internet. The "up close and personal" brings us closer, and our BC nicknames take on a shape and a personality.

The monthly meetups are currently held in the following cities or towns:

  • Athens (last Sunday of the month at 5 pm at Vyni in Koukaki)
  • Thessaloniki (first Sunday of the month at 9 pm at Iheart Cafe)
  • Larissa (second Sunday of the month at 5 pm at cafe Kaveh Kanes)
  • Volos (date announced in the forum, at cafe Ariadne)
  • Livadia (date announced in the forum, at artcafe Astradeni)
  • Chania (date announced in the forum, at cafe Epea Pteroenta)
  • Skyros (date announced in the forum, at cafe Oino)

There are various official Bookcrossing zones (OBCZ), or bookshelves, in Greece, where people can leave or take a Bookcrossing book at any time. You can see the locations on this map:

The Greek Bookcrossers are particularly active and they organize many events and activities related to books: book presentations, creative writing workshops, hunts for released books, excursions to release books, themed book releases (challenges), free book giveaways at Christmas time ("Ballycarols"), gift book exchange for the holidays ("Ballyclaus"), donation of books to prisons and hospitals, as well as cooperating with other organizations such as the National Book Centre of Greece.

But the main and largest event of the community is the annual convention that is organized by volunteers from the regional communities. We shall discuss this in more detail...