Our convention in general

What to know

Our “Seawater” Convention will start at the evening of Friday 28th of June 2013 and will last until late in the evening of Sunday 30th of June. There will be no specific Convention’s Centre but several events will be held in different places. There will be a detailed program of events and places that will be announced and given to you during the welcome party. You should book accommodation for 3 nights if you want to be in all Conventions activities.

If you choose to combine the Convention with summer holidays and prolong your stay in Skyros you should ask for a better deal from the accommodation facility you chose. In this case we wish you a very good holiday in a beautiful island! Nevertheless, you should know that your own vehicle (even rented) is quite useful and necessary even though the distances are not that long. You should also know that tap water of Skyros is not drinkable.

What to bring

Anything useful for a summer vacation! Bathing suit, sunglasses, sun-protection, insect repellent, torch and of course many books! Also, anything useful in a bookcrossing convention such as pen, notebook, bookcrossing labels or pre-numbered ones, photo camera and of course many books! A laptop or tablet can be useful but not in all events.

Special requests and reminders

  1. We would like you to bring along one book of poetry and one children’s book for release in special events.
  2. Wrapped book: A great happening in all Greek Bookcrossing Conventions. It will be voluntary and anyone could bring a wrapped book of choice coming to the welcome party and take another one when leaving it. A random book gift exchange.
  3. Your "Kales": A happening that we loved in the last three Conventions only with a different name each time. This will also be voluntary. If you register for it your name will enter a box and you will randomly choose (and be chosen) as another’s participant good soul, the secret guardian angel and friend during the Convention. The Skyrian word for it is "Kales" (means sweetheart). You should try to make him/her happy during the whole Convention, sending him/her little gifts and energy boost through other participants in order to remain unknown. You will reveal yourself as the "Kales" in the last "Farewell" party, with beautiful memories and a new dearest friend in Bookcrossing!

May we all have a wonderful Convention!