What is a Bookcrossing convention?

The annual convention is the main event for the whole Greek Bookcrossing community. It is organized by a different regional community or group of volunteers, each year in a different location.

These conventions, despite the “heavy” term, are simply an opportunity for people from all over Greece and abroad to gather together, to release scores of books in the host town, to meet writers, and primarily to have a good time while getting to know the host town and participating in various activities (and feasts!).

In fact it is a festive three-day excursion, an excellent form of bibliophile tourism, promoting both the love of books and the strengthening of our community's ties.

Despite the comparably small readership in Greece, as well as the recent economic crisis troubling us, the Greek community has already organized seven conventions:

  • 1st Greek BC ConventionThessaloniki, 14-16 July 2006
  • "Symposium" 2nd Greek BC Convention - Athens, 13-15 April 2007
  • "Mazoksi" 3rd Greek BC Convention – Chania, 1-4 May 2008
  • "Antamoma" 4th Greek BC Convention – Larissa, 24-26 April 2009
  • "Demek" 5th Greek BC Convention – Thessaloniki, 21-24 May 2010
  • "Mythical" 6th Greek BC Convention - Livadia, 17-19 June 2011
  • "Expeditionary" 7th Greek BC Convention - Volos, 1-4 June 2012

And we are going strong for the 8th, the "Seawater" convention on the isle of Skyros, taking place on 28-30 June 2013.

The conventions have contributed to making Bookcrossing known throughout most of Greece, and have served as opportunities for us to meet many Greek writers; primarily though they have allowed the Greek Bookcrossers to get acquainted with each other through enjoyable activities.

Convention traditions like the "wrapped" book exchange, the "manitou" game, and the various festive dinners have left indelible marks in our hearts and in our friendships.